Dec 31, 2010

Drive guys crazy after your lips!

Luscious lips can be easily achieved with a little bit of effort. There are quite a few things you can use from home to achieve that perfect pout.

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How to get:
  1. Exfoliate your lips every three days to get rid of dead skin cells and to smooth your lips. You can use a lip scrub made of honey, sugar and vaseline.
  2. Make a point of applying a good plumping lip balm every evening before you go to sleep and in the morning when you wake up.
  3. For a truly luscious pout, place a teabag in hot water and seep. Remove the teabag and let the water cool. Place it on your lips for about three minutes and your lips will be amazingly soft.
  4. To make lips appear larger, apply a small amount of shimmery, white shadow above the cupid's bow of your lips. In addition to that, when applying lip-liner, go slightly outside of your natural lip line. Don't go overboard, it will make you look like you shouldn't be wearing makeup, but just a little bit will make your lips look bigger. When choosing the right lip liner for you, make sure it is the same color as your natural lip color, or a slightly darker color.
  5. Keep a lip balm in your bag and use it when necessary.
  6. Wear lip-gloss or a lush lipstick to enhance your pout, and reapply frequently.
  7. Before you apply lipstick, exfoliate lips. Gently rub a damp washcloth over your lips or use a toothbrush to remove excess skin. Be careful not to go overboard - too much exfoliation can lead to dry, bleeding, irritated lips - definitely NOT lush.
  8. If you would like to look sexy or hot, use red especially for that special occasion.

  1. If you can't afford a lip exfoliant, get a pinch of brown sugar (it's softer than granulated sugar) and put a little drop of water. Rub in circular motions, and rinse lips. Don't lick it off because it can cause your lips to dry out even more!
  2. If you suffer from generally dry skin, rehydrate by drinking more water each day. This will automatically make your lips softer and plumper.
  3. Cheap lipsticks can dry out your pout, so rather save up and buy a more expensive product. It will be worth it in the long run.
  4. If you can't afford lip-gloss, Vaseline (or any petroleum jelly) will do just as well. And it makes a great lip-moisturizer, too!
  5. Use a dab of your rich eye cream on your lips every time you apply - your lips will thank you! - 468x60
Don't Forget

  • Don't let your lips go without lip balm for a long period of time. This will cause dry, chapped and irritated lips and it won't appeal pleasant to people who look at you.

  • Don't smack your lips or repeatedly wet them. It cracks your lips and sometimes causes a small rash to appear above your lip.

  • Do not smile while having chapped lips, if you do your lips will split-not pretty. Make sure to put lip balm on your lips before those ear-to-ear grins.

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    Sexiest Pouts a la Jolie!

    Get Angelina Jolie's Lips

    One of sexiest looking pouts among celebrity women - Angelina Jolie has natural-looking lips. To achieve this look, follow the directions below, and most importantly, have fun!


    1. Exfoliate your lips with a warm, wet wash cloth by wiping back and forth gently or use a lip scrub (try "the lip scrub"). Be careful not to overdo it - you don't want your lips to become so irritated its counterproductive. Be gentle, you don't want to burn yourself or irritate your skin.
    2. Apply a good lip plumper (the most recent in lip enhancing technology). There are a few good brands that will literally plump up, smooth out and moisten your lips. For a natural alternative, cayenne pepper or salt can be used - but these can be irritating and drying to the lips. Apply a very small amount of the powder across the lips, and top with your favorite lip gloss. The cayenne will plump and color the lips by making the blood flow increase (the same action the lip plumpers create), and the gloss will provide shine and moisture.
    3. Line and fill in your lips with a light brown or nude lip liner pencil (match your skin tone as closely as you can).
    4. Apply a matte flesh-toned lipstick.
    5. Blot the lipstick by gently pressing your lips closed with a tissue in-between.


    • Alternatively, some lip glosses (like Lip Venom) use ginger and cinnamon to increase circulation in your lips to create fuller "bee-stung" looking lips. The cost of this beauty might be a slight burning feeling in your lips. However there is danger of an allergic reaction, so don't lick your lips or your throat may swell up which is extremely dangerous.
    • Reduce shine and make your lipstick last longer by adding an ever-so-thin layer of baby powder with a brush.
    • If the look is a bit harsh for your taste, try adding some shine with clear gloss.
    • Make-up artists like this trick, too. Add dimension by taking a liner about 2 shades darker than the lipstick and drawing in a "shadow line" under the middle of the bottom lip. This can be very tricky to master, so make sure you practice before you wear it out. Study pictures of celebrities who have similar lip shapes to your own and try to copy the shadow line found on them.
    • Another way to make your lips appear fuller is to use a dark lip liner. Make your mouth into an "O" and apply to the corners of your mouth. Blend up and down with your finger.
    • Try to constantly use a lip gloss that has peppermint, spearmint, or cinnamon in it, preferably Mentha shine from Bath and Body Works.
    • Using medicated lip balms, such as Carmex is great for keeping your lips soft and beautiful. Also, they're more receptive to treatments, such as plumping and infused lip glosses.
    • If you have full lips, don't use lip plumper.
    • Lip plumpers only last for a given time (depends on brand). For more long term results, be sure to buy one that includes peptides that stimulate your own body into making more collagen. Take note and find out exactly what active ingredient is in your lip plumper so you can make an educated purchase decision.


    • Do not get so focused on your lips that you lose sight of how beautiful the rest of your face is.
    • Nature usually shapes the lips to fit in with the other features on the face. The correct balance is much better than something completely out of proportion.
    • Also do not forget that this 'bee stung' type look is just a fashion statement. Next year tiny lips, (which are cute) could be all the rage!
    • If you do want to try the lipstick type so-called plumpers, read the online reviews, particularly the unbiased ones. It seems most of them do not work.
    • A better attitude, a different style of clothing, or a different hair color might be a lot more important than attempting to mimic Hollywood's current favorite lips.
    • Be yourself. It is important that you do not get obsessed with getting someone else's features. It is alright to enhance your looks and feel more attractive, but stay true to who you are and do not get obsessed over it.
    • If a lipstick plumper hurts your lips it most likely has a chemical you are allergic to in it. Go for a higher up brand.
    • If you're putting on makeup, focus either your lips or your eyes, never both; it can look clownish.

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    Happy New Year with little Fragnance!

    Purchase and Apply PerfumePerfuming the body is an ancient beauty ritual. Pamper yourself with fragrances that enhance your lifestyle, your personality, and always remember the occasion.

    Select your fragrance. Finding the right fragrances for yourself can be a challenging task. Before you venture out and invest a fortune in perfumes, know your own lifestyle, the kind of activities you do, and the kind of person you are.

    Collect a few samples before you buy. Visit the fragrance counter in a larger department store. Speak with the representative(s) of several perfume brands. Tell them you are looking for fragrances suitable for you. Let him/her know the types of fragrances you’re most interested in trying. Spices – for casual wear. Floral – for more elegant occasions. Natural scents – for work and everyday.

    Shop around and try on various fragrances. Before you go shopping, tuck a few cotton balls, a handful of plastic sandwich bags and a small note pad into your purse or pocket. Most fragrance representatives will provide you with either a sample vial of the scent or apply a sample to a small, business card size piece of paper. On the paper, write down the name of the scent and where you obtained it. Put the scented paper into a sandwich bag, fold it up and take it home with you. If this courtesy is not available, squirt a sample from the "tester" bottle onto a cotton ball. Make yourself a note reminding yourself the name of the fragrance and where you got it. Put the paper or the cotton ball (or both) into a sandwich bag. It’s oh-so-tempting to pick up a "tester" bottle of the newest product on the market, saturate your wrist with it, and immediately put your nose to the test. Resist this temptation! You will not get a true sense of the fragrance. There will be too many other scents in the store environment to isolate the one you are trying, and the fragrance will not have time to "mingle" with your own body chemistry.

    Put it to the test in your own environment; at home, at work, and at play. Remove one of the "tester" cotton balls or paper slips from the sandwich bag. (If you collected fragrance vials, moisten a cotton ball with a little of the sample.) Rub your wrists with the cotton ball, and then tuck the cotton ball into your bra. Go about your activity. Either you or someone who comes into contact with you will identify if this fragrance is right for you.

    Apply the fragrance correctly. Less is more; you want to bring people to your attention, not clear the room. Real perfumes usually have a stronger power than colognes. Use either of them with discretion and in good taste.

    Straight from the bottle: Unscrew the cap from the vial/bottle. Holding the bottle in one hand with your finger over the bottle opening, tip the bottle until the fluid moistens your fingertip. Apply the fragrance by dabbing the perfume to the pulse points of your body, i.e, on your neck just below your ear lobes, behind your knees, at your ankles, between your breasts, and at your wrists.

    Using an atomizer: Using an atomizer to apply your fragrance can be tricky. Many atomizers distribute too much fragrance to a specific point. To avoid "overdose," squirt the fragrance into the air above or directly in front of you and "walk" into the falling mist. If you choose to spray your body directly from an atomizer, apply it to your body trunk and rub your skin to distribute the fragrance.


  • Always apply your fragrance before you dress. It is very difficult to remove the scent of perfume from clothing.

  • (Canada)

  • Do not spray scent directly on your clothes because perfume can stain fabrics and cling to them. If you want to scent your clothes, mist undergarments or your nightie, and put dusting powder in your shoes.

  • Are liquid perfumes too strong for you? Look for scented cream or lotion fragrances. Try fragrance-enhanced bath soaps, beads or salts. (Aroma therapy salons will carry many varieties of fragrance bath products.)

  • Here’s a simple, stimulating shower or bath tip: Before you dry after a shower or bath, rub your body with a sprig of fresh rosemary. This natural scent is refreshing, stimulating and pleasant.

  • Creative places for perfume: mist your undergarments, brush through your hair, spray on a cotton ball and put it in your bra.

  • After you finish your bath, stand and spray the perfume in front of you and just walk through.

  • Caution:

  • Keep perfume bottles tightly closed. Perfume ingredients may include alcohol, which evaporates quickly.

  • Keep perfume out of the reach of small children. Ingesting perfume can make your child very sick.

  • Avoid spraying or applying perfume to your face, especially near your eyes.

  • Consider the comfort of others when you wear perfume. You may not be able to smell it, but others can.

  • Some work places do not allow perfume to be worn. Check with your employer for rules and regulations regarding perfumes.

  • Beware that most perfumes contain drying alcohol agents, so if you want to have nice smelling hair, there are some perfumes made specifically for hair to prevent it from drying out.( I believe Juicy Couture has a nice smelling perfume, but plenty of other brands offer this.)

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