Oct 30, 2011

November Born Famous Girls

November born people are often termed "dangerous" as their sun sign is Scorpion, arguably the most dreadful  people! 
Oh! No! 
It's just a pretty nonsense prejudice! Nothing truth!
Well, you need not to believe me, just see these pretty curvy creatures below and say if they might have any deadly sting!

Aishwarya Rai 1 November 1973

Jenny McCarthy 1 November 1972

Avy Scott (View Gallery) November 2, 1981

Aria Giovanni 3 November 1977

Famke Janssen 5 November 1964

Tara Reid 8 November 1975

Vanessa Minnillo 9 November 1980

Brittany Murphy 10 November 1977

Koa Marie Turner 10 November 1981 

Kyla Cole 10 November 1978

Miranda Lambert 10 November 1983

Demi Moore 11 November 1962

Anne Hathaway 12 November 1982

Olga Kurylenko (view Gallery)14 November 1979

Gemma Atkinson (View Gallery) 15 November 1984

Lily Aldridge (view Gallery) 15 November 1985

Sania Mirza 15 november,1986

Meg Ryan 19 November 1961

Rosie Jones 19 November 1990

Scarlett Johansson (view Gallery) 22 November 1984 

Kelly Brook (View Gallery) 23 Nov1979

Miley Cyrus (View Gallery) 23 November 1992

Beth Phoenix 24 November 1980

Celina Jaitley 24 November 1981

Katherine Heigl 24 November 1978

Lisa Howard November 24, 1963

Anna Nicole Smith  28 November 1967

Anna Faris 29 November 1976

Elisha Cuthbert (view Gallery) 30 November 1982     

Dian Parkinson November 30, 1944

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Oct 24, 2011

Marisa Miller through Male Lens!

On a rainy evening two of my male colleagues were sharing my laptop which wallpaper is the collage of my different blog articles' pics. They are regular viewers of my blogs still they wanted to revisit my stories through clicking the links on my wall. I got a phone call so I left them for five minutes to attend the phone when I returned I saw they got freeze on the above picture of Marisa Miller. Their attention were so intense on the picture that they didn't notice my come back.
I had to bring them back sense by calling them.
Their first response was, " you know, we're very poor creatures!"
"What's the problem?" I asked.
Well, I could understand their feelings that evening without trying hard!
To cut a long story short, this picture blog is the choice of my those two male colleagues who picked these pictures of Marisa Miller.

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